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The True Sport Champions program facilitates the growth of True Sport in Canada.

The program harnesses the power of committed volunteers and community leaders as True Sport Champions and helps them spread the word about True Sport in their own communities. By providing True Sport Champions with the tools and materials to effect change and share their passion, we help them show others that good sport can make a great difference. 

True Sport Champions are a diverse group of passionate Canadians (athletes, coaches, teachers, role models, parents, students, heroes, members of the media, sport administrators, volunteers and officials) committed to the True Sport Principles. They work hard to promote True Sport in their communities by conducting meetings, giving presentations, acting as local True Sport representatives and inspiring others to join True Sport.

If you are interested in becoming a True Sport Champion, please contact Kasey Liboiron at or by phone at +1 (613) 521-9533 extension 3219.

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