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    The True Sport logo was chosen for a reason. The “O” means alot to different people but for us it signifies the heart of sport, integrity, commitment and connection.

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    Download the True Sport Principles and hang them where everyone can see them.

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    Download your favourite True Sport logo and add it to your team’s uniform or equipment. Sporting the True Sport logo is an easy way to communicate the kind of sport you want to be a part of. Get the logo here!

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    Help us share with everyone how you live True Sport by sending us your pictures, stories and videos.

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True Sport is a series of programs and initiatives designed to give people, communities and organizations the means by which to leverage the many benefits of good sport from a platform of shared values and principles.

True Sport is dedicated to the notion that good sport can make a great difference. Find out more

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True Sport lives in Canada
Join the Movement! Visit www.truesport.ca.

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