By committing to the True Sport Principles, you and/or your group (school, team, club or community) join a growing movement of Canadians who believe that sport has the power to instill character and express values, promote inclusion and inspire excellence. 

Why sign your name?

To tell your teammates, your opponents, and yourself that good sport can make a great difference. On the rink, in the pool, on the track—everywhere.

Why get your organization, league or community involved?

To spark a conversation about why you come together to play, train and compete. To agree on what you want to strive for and how. To identify with others holding similar values.

Why show off your True Sport colours?

Because creating a fair, safe and open environment where good sport can grow stronger, brings out the best in people and communities. Because standing up for the True Sport Principles is something to be proud of.

Although joining True Sport always involves the same three steps — Describe, Decide, Declare — the details of your process will vary depending on the group you belong to.

After joining the True Sport Movement, download the True Sport declaration certificate (at right), sign it and hang it in a prominent place for all to see.

Declare Now!

**The True Sport Movement uses the definition of sport that has been adopted by Sport Canada:  "A regulated form of physical activity organized as a contest between two or more participants for the purpose of determining a winner by fair and ethical means; such contest may be in the form of a game, match, race or other form of competitive event."

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