Voices of True Sport
  • Tin for the Bin

    The club, swimmers, parents, and supporters, gather both food and donations in support of the goal to make our community hunger free. Every July, your swimmers walk the route of the Selkirk Fair...

  • President and CEO, United Way of Canada

    “At the United Way, we know that tackling the root causes of social problems is not always easy, but it is always worthwhile. The True Sport Report shows us how community sport can help address...

  • Johann Olav Koss, 4x Olympic gold medalist

    "Canada is a great country - fair and caring. If we put our minds to it, we can lead the world in harnessing the power of sport and play to make a great difference in the lives of children and...

  • Professeur, Université Laval

    "From my point of view, especially as an educator, sports are perhaps one of the best tools for young people, especially in terms of self development, I think. Team sports are like a real society."

  • Richmond Rose Public School - Our Gym's Evolution

    Needing to renovate or repaint your school’s gymnasium? Check out the great metamorphosis this school’s gym went through. A great idea for yours?

  • Community Cup

    Community Cup soccer tournament – a “friend-raiser” that brings community together and helps welcome newcomers.

  • True Sport Champion

    "I believe sports help instil good values in young people and that it is very important to promote good sport to help ensure positive character development in youth."

  • Fast and Female

    Using fun, free, inspiring events works to inspire young girls to get involved and stay involved in sport.

Talking True Sport

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