Voices of True Sport
  • Clean Air Champions

    It’s funny how some of the most essential things that we take for granted can be found directly under our noses.

  • CFL Linebacker James Yurichuk brings True Sport to Local Schools

    CFL linebacker and True Sport Champion James Yurichuk

  • Fast and Female

    Using fun, free, inspiring events works to inspire young girls to get involved and stay involved in sport.

  • True Sport Cheer

    “Whether you’re playing sports or you’re working in a group in class, you need to keep these principles in mind,” said Melanie McCarthy, learning resource teacher at Broadview.

  • National Peace Officers’ Memorial Run to Remember 2013

    National Peace Officers’ Memorial Run, Brampton, ON

  • President and CEO, Community Foundations of Canada

    “Community foundations share the desire to build stronger, healthier communities across the country. We can all see from the True Sport Report how values-driven sport is an effective means of...

  • Bridlewood Community: Fostering Healthy and Active Lifestyles

    Nestled in the west end of Ottawa, Bridlewood is a community that offers sports programming, provides the opportunity to learn about excellence in sports at school and where parents can access the...

  • Olympic Women's Hockey Champion

    "All kids -- no matter what race you are, no matter what background you have, no matter what economic status your family is in society -- I think you have the right to play sport, and you have the...

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