Voices of True Sport
  • Clean Air Champions

    It’s funny how some of the most essential things that we take for granted can be found directly under our noses.

  • Olympic athlete, short-track speed skating

    “It gives you something; it does nothing but give. It’s not important what you need; you’ll be able to find it in sports. I think that’s the nicest thing. What you can have: you can go find...

  • President and CEO, United Way of Canada

    “At the United Way, we know that tackling the root causes of social problems is not always easy, but it is always worthwhile. The True Sport Report shows us how community sport can help address...

  • Teacher and Community Sport Consultant

    "Sport has saved lives in our community, where kids have been so engulfed in sport and it’s given them such a positive pathway that they’ve lost themselves in it."

  • Head basketball coach, CÉGEP de l’Outaouais

    "We always do many things with few resources and we really need help from everyone. Whether it's as small as helping organizations, enrolment plans or just for young people, it's important to have...

  • Physical Education Mentor, School District 17, NB

    "In District #17, schools, coaches, players, and parents have partnered together to create a True Sport Athletic Contract to assist in the promotion and education of the Principles For Sport in all...

  • The “World’s Largest Hockey Festival” embraces True Sport

    Spring is officially here, it’s time to stuff your winter coat in the back of your closet, say goodbye to your thermal socks and hang up your ice skates – but don’t even think about putting...

  • Benoît Huot - Canadian Paralympic Gold Medal swimmer

    Swimmer Benoît Huot talks about good influences and good values (translation, video available in french only with subtitles)

    Benoît Huot - Canadian Paralympic Gold Medal swimmer

Talking True Sport

  • Former Mayor of Sherbrooke

    "It is important to support people in sports. Whether it's through sports centres, arenas, outdoor soccer fields, programs to encourage children or parents to engage in physical activity."

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