Be a Champion

The True Sport Champions program facilitates the growth of True Sport in Canada.

The program harnesses the power of committed volunteers and community leaders and helps them spread the word about True Sport in their own communities. By providing True Sport Champions with the tools and materials to effect change and share their passion, we help them show others that good sport can make a great difference. 

True Sport Champions are a diverse group of passionate Canadians (athletes, coaches, teachers, role models, parents, students, heroes, members of the media, sport administrators, volunteers and officials) committed to the True Sport Principles. They work hard to promote True Sport in their communities by conducting meetings, giving presentations, acting as local True Sport representatives and inspiring others to join True Sport.

Meet our Champions!

Cheers to our volunteers!

If you are interested in becoming a True Sport Champion, please contact Kim Pattyson at or by phone at +1 (613) 521-9533 extension 3211.


Will I get paid to speak?

The True Sport Champion program is voluntary.  You will not act as an agent, employee or contractor of True Sport.  You will not be paid to speak or to hold presentations or meetings. To make your role as easy as possible, the program will provide you with all the necessary tools and materials including:

  • True Sport Champions’ clothing
  • A True Sport Champion kit folder containing resources for various target audiences (schools, teams/ leagues/ organizations, community and the media) 
  • Downloadable PowerPoint presentations with detailed speaking notes 
  • Downloadable template letters for target audiences 
  • Sample media release
  • Examples and ideas to share with want to live True Sport

How much of a time commitment is required?

We ask that True Sport Champions commit to at least three True Sport activities per year as well as commit to sharing their experiences with us and other True Sport Champions via a brief activity report. An annual in-class training workshop as well as in-field training activity is also required. The main objective of the True Sport Champions program is to help you to intentionally incorporate the True Sport message into your existing activities.

Will True Sport organize and book my presentations and meetings?

No.  It is expected that True Sport Champions are already active members of their community and may be involved in speaking and meeting with others in various capacities.  True Sport Champions are encouraged to seek out opportunities to meet with others.  In many cases, if you are a teacher or a coach you may already have a captive audience every day!  We do from time to time receive requests for a True Sport Champion to present to a new group, and may contact you if appropriate.

Do I need to be an athlete or work in sport to be a True Sport Champion?

No.  In fact many of our Champions are people who are not directly involved in sport, but rather who care about the quality of the sport experience offered in their community and want to make a positive contribution.

Do I need to be a skilled speaker or facilitator to become a True Sport Champion?

No. The True Sport Champions program is open to those interested in committing to promote True Sport within their community. Your goals will be set based on your skills and interests and don’t have to be related to public speaking.